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One-Way On Demand Video Interview

One-way video interview exists at the beginning of every single interviewing process. It is often a replacement or supplement to the phone interview for a time-saving purpose, which has typically served as the first step in screening job candidates. It is as simple as asking a video clip from a job seeker, and the job seeker answers several pre-scripted interview questions by a specific date that is the deadline for the interview. In the one-way video interview, the interviewer can see the job seeker, but the job seeker cannot.

For employers, the benefit is an increase in efficiency by reducing the initial human resources hours for scheduling and conducting live interviews, even over the phones. This system can significantly trim down on time spent in reviewing candidates. Moreover, the employer can replay and shared with other internal fellows for easy reference instead of kept occupying manhours of operations staff and candidates. 

Auto Screening by artificial intelligence

By the recruiter's job requirement, we help to screen applicants' profile (education, working experience) and also screen the video interview process by using artificial intelligence. We can identify the interviewee's personality and emotion. After conducting the screening process, we can select the most suitable candidate for the recruiter to perform the upcoming interview.

For Employers, the benefit is increased accuracy. They reduce the initial manpower hours for resume screening and also helping review all candidates' result in a consistent and efficient way.

Interview Performance Evaluation

Performance will be evaluated by computer without any bias, providing a fair judgement and unlock candidates potential that cannot be easily found on resume for employers' reference. 

Our Talent pool's report also help candidates to understand their problem and make improvement.

Job Matching and Referral

Our Talent Pool are the family from the globe and we have our talent acquisition partners to review all talents and look for best candidate to fulfill company's requirement. 

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ViHire is built with the most cutting-edge technology in NLP and CNN. With the new developed engine, we can help improve the whole recruitment efficiency. It enhances users workflow and brings the hiring process to the next level. 


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